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Snickety Things
The Snickety Things blog started when I had requests for a tutorial on a tutu I made for a cake. I originally posted it on my family blog, but then I realized it was a good way to show how I've done a lot of other things I've made that people had asked about.  The name Snicety Things comes from my small craft business, but really it comes from my girls.  I think Snickety means fun and use it in their nicknames.


I graduated from college with a degree in Polymer Science.  My husband and I proceeded to hop across the country , from Petal, MS to Minneapolis, MN to Charlotte, NC to Louisville, KY back to Petal.  I worked as a chemist for over 10 years and stopped when we started our family, when we were in Louisville.  Pregnant with our second we moved back to my home town of  Petal when my husband was offered a job in the area.  It was strange how we made a circle because it wasn't what we intended.

After living here for two years and being a stay-at-home mom I decided I needed to get out of the house and we could use some extra money.  I found a position at a local library and worked part time there while the girls were in school and on weekends when my husband was home.  Not paying for childcare and making a little extra money for the family, can't beat that.  The library was a great job and I found a ton of books I would never have read.  I was there for three years before returning to be a stay-at-home mom.  I miss being out of the house and working, but I also love taking care of my family.


Jeff also graduated with a degree in Polymer Science and he still works as a chemist.  He loves Star Wars, Batman and, most importantly, his family.  He is very supportive of me and this blog, often giving me suggestions and being brutally honest when he thinks something has gone terribly wrong.  He is regular contributor, although mostly behind the scenes.


Our oldest is often called the Princess here on the blog.  She loves the color pink and anything girly.  I grew up a tomboy so I am getting used to all the girly stuff being around.  She is in second grade and loves school.


Our youngest gets referred to on the blog as Boo.  Her full nickname is Boo Snickety and she often tells people that is her name.  She likes blue and green and is our tomboy, although I can rarely get her to wear anything but a dress, easier to move in you know.  She is becoming more girly as she gets older, though.  Boo is in kindergarten and is excited about school.

Both of them say they are each others best friend and they are nearly inseparable.


Beryl is our Rat Terrier/Whippet mix.  We got her from the humane society in Louisville.  She was already a year old when we got her, and she was nine in June of 2012.  She loves getting attention from the girls as long as it is on her terms.


We got Turbo just after Beryl when he was just a puppy.  He was supposed to be a miniature dachshund, but he is a little less miniature than we had intended.  He is strongly attached to me, following me from room to room throughout the house.  We often describe him is a tongue with a dog attached to it.  He is much more gray than the picture above shows, he turned eight in June 2012.
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