Monday, January 21, 2013

Rainbow Zebra birthday party

Do you know what today is?  It is my one year blogiversary.  One year ago I posted for the first time on Snickety Things with how I made a tutu for a cake board.  It is only fitting that today I am once again talking about a rainbow party.  Or make that a rainbow-zebra party.

Boo gives me such challenging party themes.  I had grand ideas on how this theme would play out.  Life, once again, had its own ideas.  My mother-in-law received a pace maker just after Christmas and had a heart attack just a few days before Boo's birthday.  We weren't even sure we would be having a party.  Thankfully, she is recovering and our party was able to go on, just not quite as originally planned.

First, the party was moved from our house to our church's fellowship hall.  This was a tremendous help to us since we barely got our Christmas decorations put away and the house is still in disarray.  Fortunately, our church is next to a city park and playground so we were able to allow the kids to play there during the party.  This was great because we had just come off of two weeks of rain followed by a snow storm.  Of course this being south Mississippi, the snow lasted an hour and was completely melted an hour after that.  And being two days after the snow it was already 60 degrees out.  The kids need the time to run.

Our invitations asked that everyone dress in zebra stripes or their favorite color.  Boo chose to dress in the rainbow skirt she used for her birthday party last year, zebra leggins, a green shirt (her favorite color), a zebra tank and rainbow striped socks.  I was even able to find a headband that had a rainbow background and zebra stripes.

I put out blank pictures of a zebra for the kids to color to help wind down from running before we had the cake.

This actually turned out to be very popular with the kids (and some of the adults).  They spent about twenty minutes coloring quietly before their attention started drifting towards the cake.  Here is Boo with her finished zebra.

It was actually easier than I thought to find plates that had a rainbow zebra theme.  A local party supply store had some on clearance (score!).  They are actually part of a rock-n-roll party set.

Here is the set up for the cake.  I only made a six inch cake for Boo and cupcakes for everyone else.  My intention had been a more elaborate cake, but I scaled it down.

The cupcakes are in a zebra liner and topped with a sour patch strip.

If you do this, put the strips on just before the party starts.  Any longer than a couple of hours and the strips will sag down and flatten, not giving the great arch.

The six inch cake was topped with an icing rainbow.

Topped with zebra candles I found at Walmart and the birthday girl was very happy.

Her real surprise came when I cut the cake.  I had made the inside zebra striped.

I'll be making a post soon on how I made the cake and why the stripes aren't as pronounced as I hoped they would be.  Boo still liked it though.

I want to thank everyone for following Snickety Things this past year.  I love hearing your comments.  Don't forget to follow Snickety Things over on Facebook to learn when new posts go up or get sneak peeks of projects.  I'm also 21 days into my photo 365 project on Instagram.  I'll be posting January's at the end of the month or you can see them as they go up in my Instagram feed.  Look for RenondaB on Instagram.

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Wednesday, January 2, 2013

2012 wrap up and 2013 goals

Happy New Year!  2012 went by so fast, it is hard to believe it is already 2013.

Here is a quick look at some of the big things that happened over the last year:

In January we celebrated Boo turning five.  We threw a rainbow party and it was a lot of fun.  Here is the cake I made.  In a way, this cake was also the inspiration for the blog, stemming from requests on how I made my cakes.

You can find the post about the cake here, how I made the tutu on the cake board here and the rest of the party decor here.  Also making appearances at the party were a rainbow scarf,

My husband turned 40 in March and the girls and I did something special for him.  That was followed in May with the Princess turning 7 and my 40th birthday (I'm pretending the latter didn't happen).

In July we made the decision that I turn in my notice to the library I worked for so I can do more things at home. We had paid off all but one debt (not counting our house) and could afford to loose the extra income, it wasn't a huge addition to us.  My last day there was July 31st.  I miss it, but I really enjoy being around my kids more.  We had really big plans for August, but August had its own plans.  We were going to register the girls for school and take a few days to have a big family outing.  Boo was starting kindergarten and everyone was excited, the Princess was making plans to walk her to class on her first day.  I was going to use my new found free time to give my house a good overhaul and then have a garage sale.  Instead, I fell and broke my leg just five days into the month.  With the help of a very patient husband who had just taken time off work for what he thought would be a fun filled week, and some friends who scrambled to help us with some things (like borrowing a wheel chair on very short notice) we made it through the month without too much trouble.  The only downside was creating a new debt to pay off with my leg.  It set us back a bit in that area, but

By early September I was able to walk with a boot  and by the middle of the month I was walking cast free.  Overall not to bad for having broke my leg.  Unfortunately, it put quite the damper on getting projects completed.  I was, however, able to start volunteering at the girl's school by the end of the month.  November rolled around and it brought the flu.  Boo got sick just a week before Thanksgiving so we stayed home and just spent time as a family so we wouldn't spread it.  After a couple of weeks being illness free, the flu hit again in December this time taking me out followed by my husband so things were slow around here and on the blog.  It looks like we are all on the mend now.  Even with setbacks, this was a great year for our family.  We paid off our car notes, both girls are doing very well in school, and I'm getting to spend time with my girls at school when I volunteer.

That brings us to now and the look ahead to 2013.  I don't set resolutions anymore, I never seemed to keep them.  I do set goals that are obtainable and aim to complete them.  I don't just do it at the beginning of the year, but all year long.  I have long term (as far as five years out) goals and short term goals (ending in January) I am setting.

I am looking for a way to keep my house organized a bit better.  We have the problem most people have where horizontal surfaces become catch-alls for anything we put down.  I also have a mountain of school work the girls have brought home that I need to go through.  I still want to do a garage sale, but I'm aiming for spring now.  I plan to get rid of a lot of things we have that we no longer use and no longer need.

Where the blog is concerned, I may not be able to post three times a week.  I would much rather put up fewer quality post rather than a lot of sub-par ones.  I mentioned earlier in the year my obsession with Instagram, then promptly quit taking as may pictures.  A friend has urged me to try doing a 365 photo project (taking a picture every day of a year) but I found it difficult to carry my camera around all the time.  I have a goal this year to do a 365 with Instagram since I have my phone with me all the time now.  You can follow me on Instagram if you want to see how it turns out, look for user renondab in your Instagram app.  I also have a button at the side of the blog and at the bottom of each post you can use to see the pictures.

Here are a few pictures I've done on Instagram in the past, I will try to post at least once a month with the pictures I've taken.

Yep they are from Easter last year, before I got my domain name.

I also want to remind people of my disclosure, TOU and to please not pin or share pictures of my children.

Let me know what you are planning for this year.

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