Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Christmas tree forest

This year we had to do something different for Christmas.  We decided to have a Christmas tree forest.  Well, we didn't decide, it was decided for us.  Keep reading to find out why.

Every year the weekend after Thanksgiving we pull out our Christmas tree and put it up.  This year we knew we might be in for a little trouble.  Last year we had to use zip ties to keep some of the branches on when we put it up.  We bought that tree seventeen years ago and have used it for at least fourteen years (we didn't put it up the years before we had kids and we knew we would not be home for Christmas).  When we pulled out the tree this year we knew it just wasn't going to go up.  We just didn't have enough zip ties.  Since I broke my leg back in August, getting a new tree this year just isn't in the budget.  Broken legs are quite expensive even when you have insurance.

Here is our tree from last year.

You can tell it was already leaning and one of the light strands I put on it was out.

I really didn't want to tell the girls we weren't going to have a tree this year so I sat and stared at the blank spot the tree was supposed to go.

Over the years I have been buying small trees on clearance after Christmas.  My goal was to have a little tree in all the rooms of our house, and last year I was able to do that.  I talked the girls into sacrificing a tree in their room so we could do something special.  I explained the tree was just too old to go up this year and I needed to use theirs.  They reluctantly agreed so I set to work  building a set for the trees.

I placed some boxes between the windows to try and give different heights to the trees.  This wasn't their final arrangement.

I put some white sheets over them.  A fitted sheet helped pull the boxes together then the flat sheet was spread over that.

I put the trees on the boxes to see how they would look before adding lights.  The two medium trees were the girls' and the smallest tree was in our room.  The bigger trees were for our front porch, but they had not been used.  Most of the lights I pulled off the old tree were out so I ended up using some boxes I bought after Christmas one year.  I'm always buying a couple of boxes of lights after Christmas on clearance.

I rearranged the trees, putting one of the taller trees on the tallest box to give more height.  I put a few strands of snowflake lights around the trees, but they didn't stay.

I then let the girls decorate the lower trees by themselves.

When it was finished it we thought it looked pretty good.  We just may be doing this again next year until we can afford to get a new tree.  Or maybe we can get a few more small trees to expand the forest next year.  All five trees and the lights on them were less than $50 after Christmas clearance prices, but they were all purchased over several years.

The picture is a bit blurry, but here is how it looks with the lights out.

The trees give off a very nice glow.

The girls are loving it, too.

What does your tree look like?

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  1. I just love this idea! I think you really worked magic with what you had. In fact, I think a tree forest is a MUST when my husband and I get moved into our home ... Love, Love! Great job!

  2. This looks way cooler than a single tree.

  3. Really cute idea! Sometimes a big tree isn't
    necessary. We have a small tinsel tree that
    we started using several years ago.
    We still have our big tree but it stays
    in it's box for now.

    M :)

    1. The forest is starting to grow on me. We might use it for a while. Thanks for stopping by!


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