Monday, October 22, 2012

Be a hero

Over the last week there have been other things on my mind besides the blog.  I apologize for not being as vigilant as I should be.  Today I want to tell you a story.

A friend of mine grew up with juvenile diabetes.  She received her first kidney transplant from her dad.  That kidney added years to her life, but it too eventually failed.  She was lucky enough to receive a second kidney along with a pancreas a few years ago.  Although the pancreas failed, the kidney worked hard for her.  This was not the end of her battle.  Just a few months ago she finally gave in and had her leg amputated due to complications from her diabetes.  Two weeks ago she started learning to walk on her prosthetic leg.  Just a little over a week ago she was admitted into the hospital again with complication from her diabetes.  While in the hospital she coded, and even though she had coded other times while in the hospital this time she was without oxygen for too long.  She was a spunky and a fighter.  Her mother, who never left ICU waiting room over the last week, held strong convictions and belief that God would comfort her and placed her faith in Him.  I was lucky enough to witness her convictions while I sat with her in the ICU.

My friend was pulled from life support on Sunday and she passed away shortly after.  She was only on this Earth for 34 years, but left a large impact on all those who knew her.  She was an adamant Christian and shared her faith freely.  She gave glory to Him for all she had.

Every day others sit in ICUs around the world, waiting for loved ones to come back to them or watch as they pass away.  It can't be an easy thing for any of them.  Others wait for organs that may never come because the choice was made not to donate.  Those on organ waiting lists can be helped.  Please choose to donate your organs and make sure your family knows your wishes.  It can make a huge difference in the lives of those who need them.  Imagine life without your son, daughter, mother, father or friend and realize that somewhere someone is facing that eventuality now while waiting for a transplant.  You can make a difference.  Be a hero.

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