Monday, September 24, 2012

What I've been reading

I know it has been a while since I've done a book review.  It doesn't mean I haven't been reading, just that I haven't had a chance to do the reviews.  Click on any of the pictures to take you to the book on Amazon.

First, I've been reading more zombie books.  The first is a trilogy called "As the World Dies".  The first book is The First Days, followed by Fighting to Survive and finally Siege all  by Rhiannon Frater.

I am going to say that I almost couldn't get through the first bit of the first book.  It is by far the most creepy zombie scenario I've read.  As a whole the series isn't too bad.  This series differed in the ones I've read in that there is a group of people who dig in instead of trying to move around to survive.  It touches on other broad topics when it delves into the personalities of the characters.  Some of the characters were portrayed well and some seemed cliches of what you would think a character to be.

The Snickety Things rating is

The next book is also a zombie book called  Zone One by Colson Whitehead.

I didn't much care for this book.  It was slow to start and never seemed to get anywhere.  There was not much zombie action (the reason I read a zombie book) and I was honestly surprised that I managed to finish it.

The Snickety Things rating is

I've been reading some other books but I will save those for another day.

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  1. Since I learn about the Kindle install I downloaded all the free books from Amazon. I'll check if this book also available.

    1. I'm not sure if any of these will be free. I hope you enjoy them if you do read them though!


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