Monday, August 13, 2012

The view of last week

Last week was supposed to be our vacation.  The girls started school Wednesday, but because of a staggered start where only a third of the students go each day for the first three days, they didn't go Thursday or Friday.  We had planned to go to the zoo on Tuesday, the Science Museum in Jackson on Thursday and just general spending time together the rest of the time.  Instead, I fell a week ago Sunday and broke my leg.  I guess I should be surprised it took me 40 years to break it in the first place because I possess this natural grace I can't walk well half the time anyway.

Instead of all those fun things we were going to do, this is what I got to look at.

That was Monday night.  After sitting in that boot on the sofa for a few hours, I realized how painful it was to sit there.

Tuesday I just stayed in bed.

If I'm not moving around, I'm allowed to take the boot off.  Can you see that bruise on my leg and foot?  Yeah, that is a lot darker now.  At this stage I still couldn't move my ankle, but the swelling was starting to go down.

Wednesday I got up and tried to help get the girls ready for their first day of school.  Really I just watched my husband get them ready while I sat at the kitchen table.  This was a much better view for that day though.

First day of second grade for the Princess and first day of kindergarten for Boo.  I decided I wanted to eat lunch out with Jeff so we gave it a shot.  By the time we picked the girls up and got back home I was exhausted.

Thursday and Friday found me still in bed.  I had company in the form of the dogs.

Friday the weather cleared up and the girls were able to go outside and play in the pool (sadly it is just an inflatable one).  Jeff opened the blinds so I could watch them playing.

The dogs watched them too.

Usually they would have been outside with them, but they stuck right with me.

As of this morning, Jeff dropped the girls off at school and went to work.  I'm all alone in the house aside from the dogs.  It seems quiet here and I have to confess I'm a bit bored just sitting.  Hopefully my appointment will go well next week and they will give me permission to start walking on it a little.  When that happens I will be able to get back doing the things I love.


  1. Oh no!! What a disappointment to have plans change and to be stuck with such an injury. Hope you recover quickly.

    1. Thank you, I just hope I am back on my feet soon.


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