Friday, August 3, 2012

Summer cleaning

Sorry my post today is so late.  I procrastinated watched the Olympics last night until I was too tired to get it done and today I have procrastinated found other things that really require my attention.  I also realized that the post I had intended to put up today would kind of ruin surprises for my girl's teachers if they happen to see it so it will be posted next week.

I never had a real chance to do spring cleaning here, so today I am doing my version of summer cleaning.  Much to their dismay, I have started with the girl's rooms.  While the behavior chart worked pretty well for their behavior, they were still not inspired to keep their rooms clean.  Already I have filled two and a half trash bags with just trash and broken toys in the Princess's room.  I guess she takes after me when it comes to not wanting to throw things out.  It has taken me a long time to let go of my urge to keep things, and still it doesn't always work.  I really want to head them off on that urge to keep every little thing (including the tags that were cut off toys) just because they can't bear to throw it out.  Can you believe I found a ball of sticker paper, the stuff that is on the sheet that goes around the stickers? It was the size of a softball.   We had a long discussion on what is trash and what is not.  The sad thing is that I still have to go through Boo's room and I know it is just as bad.

Thankfully, the dogs are staying out of our way as we do this, doing what they do best.

Yes, I know I posted these pictures the other day, but I assure you, they are still happily sleeping as we work.  Lucky dogs.

While we are going through things they are going to have to get rid of half the stuff in their rooms, not counting the trash.  That may seem harsh, but they still have toys from when they were still babies that they are trying to hang on to, toys that they haven't touched in years, and toys that were given to us by others because their kids had outgrown them (something I will have to start refusing in the future).  I have been having them help me do all of this so they can learn what is trash, where the things should go and that I am not just going to clean up after them when they aren't home.  It is their responsibility.

I also recognize that we are responsible for some of their behaviors.  While working and doing the blog, I let other things in the house fall behind.  We let things collect and any flat surface in our house becomes a catch all for whatever we need to put down, often with it not making it where it belongs for days.  We set a bad example.

I started with their rooms because they are home now, while they are in school I will move on to the rest of the house when they won't be in my way.  You guys may see a lot more organizing posts soon.  I'm glad I have my Silhouette Cameo to help make pretty tags for showing where things go (pretty makes you put it away, right?).  It has been working well for the cookie cutters so far.  I am going to get rid of least one quarter of the stuff we have.  I went through and did a massive cleaning last year and got rid of a good bit then so it won't take much for us to get down to what we need to keep.

Have you been putting off things?  Tell me what you need to complete in your house that you just haven't got around to or that secret room you don't let guests go in because you don't want them to see where you shoved all the clutter.

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