Friday, August 31, 2012

August recap and features

This has been a hectic week.  We survived hurricane Isaac with no power outages, but we did have a lot of rain.  There are some tree limbs down in the yard, but nothing overwhelming.  I know there are areas not as lucky as us, and had much more damage.  We were very lucky.  My girls were thrilled that they got out of school two days, they just don't know they will have to make it up later in the year.

August was a long month for us, too.  August 1st marked the day I returned to being a stay-at-home-mom.  I had really big plans to get my house in shape but life had other plans.  I mentioned that I fell and broke my leg, and that has caused me to completely rearrange how the last month was supposed to go.  No garage sale coming up (not even sure if it will happen by October now).  I am still working on the girls' school desk, I had to wait for the weather to cool a bit so it will probably be in October before it is finished.  I cleaned out both girls' rooms but was not able to get around to do the rest of the house so that will probably start as I am able to walk more.  I had also planned to walk every morning after the girls went to school, but that leg thing kept that from happening, too.  I am starting to be able to walk with the help of my crutches so things are looking up.

I didn't get to do as many craft oriented posts as I hoped for the month, but I did have a few features on what I did post.  Thanks again to these bloggers who featured me over the last month!

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Wednesday, August 29, 2012

We have a toilet monster

Today we sit and wait for hurricane Isaac to pass us by, which it is doing very slowly.  We were lucky that it went farther west of us than originally thought.  Even though the eye is not hitting Mississippi, we are still getting a lot of rain and also quite a few tornado warnings.  We already have a few branches down and the worst has not reached us yet.

One of our biggest concerns during the storm is the possibility of losing power.  We are stocked with food and water, but without power or toilets will not work since they are on a pump system.  We think of it as the dark toilet monster.

I thought I would have a little fun with the idea by making it appear the toilet monster is peeking out at us.  We put it on the girls' toilet without them knowing we did it.  They both screamed a little when they saw it, but immediately started laughing.  They love it and are trying to think of a name.

I just cut it out of black vinyl with my Silhouette and put it on.  It adds a touch of fun to that room.

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Learning about the body #LeapFrogTag

Thank you to LeapFrog for sponsoring this review.  For more information about the LeapFrog Tag Human Body Discovery Pack, please visit their website #LeapFrogTag #spon

Yesterday I told you about a great package we received in the mail from LeapFrog.  Inside was this great Tag pen that you use with LeapFrog Tag products to help children read and learn on their own.

What I didn't share yesterday about the Tag pen is that it can be connected to your computer and it will let you know how your child progresses while using it.  That makes it really handy to see where your child shows strengths and weaknesses.

The item in our package that I didn't tell you about yesterday was the Tag Interactive Human Body Discovery Pack.

Jeff and I were both excited about this pack since we have science backgrounds.  Inside this box is a fold out board that shows the human body and all the different systems we have.  There is a section on bones, a section on the respiratory and circulatory systems, a section on muscles and a section on the nervous system.  It also talks about skin and internal organs.  Both Boo and Princess got a kick out of trying to find the bone I broke in my leg a few weeks ago.

Part of this pack is a little advanced for Boo at this time and she got frustrated when trying to play the games, but she was happy to use the Tag pen to just touch the different parts of the body and have it tell her what they were.  Every time it would tell her a new thing she would then tell us.  She also felt spots on her body to see if she could feel the bone (she was surprised that the hard spots on her ankle and elbow were bones) or her organs (she couldn't).

The Princess enjoyed learning each of the body parts, but she also really enjoyed the games that it could do.  She was already getting pretty good at answering the questions correctly after a day of use.

It also came with an interactive growth chart complete with spots to use the Tag pen and stickers to mark important milestones.  There was also a glow-in-the-dark sticker skeleton to assemble on the growth chart (Boo is all about stickers).

What I liked about this pack was while it taught the basic facts of the body, it also promoted healthy living and exercise.  I see the Tag Interactive Human Body Discovery Pack being very helpful for both of them.  I think they will have a head start on knowing the parts of the body and what they are used for.

I was selected for this opportunity as a compensated member of Clever Girls Collective and received free product from LeapFrog to review. The content and opinions expressed here are all my own. #LeapFrogTag #spon

Monday, August 27, 2012

18 years

These past few weeks have been trying as my leg has healed.  Jeff has had to pull more than his share of the work around the house.  I'm very thankful he has been here to help out.  Today marks our 18th anniversary.  It is hard to believe that we have been married so long.  It seems like just yesterday we got married.

Here we are today, or at least a couple of years ago when we happened to get our picture taken.

It has been a wonderful 18 years and I hope we have many more!

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