Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Preparing for change

Today I am the queen of procrastination for this post.  Well, maybe not the queen but at least a Duchess.  I've changed my mind on the topic several times so I decided to just share why I've had trouble settling on something.

This week has turned out to mark a lot of changes for our family.  I'm more than a little nervous about some of them (those I can tell you more about on August 1st) and excited about some others.  I can share with you some of the exciting things.

Here it is in mid July and I am working on getting my girls ready for school.  School you say?  Yep, school.  Our district starts school on August 8th, so it isn't far off.  It seems like a short summer but they get out in mid May so it works out.

I got a call from Boo's teacher this past Monday night introducing herself and letting me know what to expect for her upcoming kindergarten year (my baby will be in kindergarten!).  She is going to be in a slightly accelerated class that will move a bit more quickly than the other classes.  This is because she already knows a majority of the basics that she would learn in the first few months of school.  We have already had experience with this class as her sister was (and is) a part of it.  The class loops and she will continue with her classmates into first grade as well (if it continues as her sister's class did).  The biggest thing for this class is that there will be a bit more work involved, and more homework each week.  We are confident in her abilities and I look forward to working with her new teacher on my volunteer days.  She registers on July 26th and we will see her classroom and deliver her school supplies.  Between her and the Princess, I have three bags of supplies ready to go.

The red and green bags are for Boo and the white is for the Princess.  I saved a lot of money because I bought half this stuff last year when all the supplies went on clearance.  I just used the supply list to pick the things I thought I could save easily.  I would have had more if the list hadn't changed a little this year.  Even with that, I still saved more than enough from the clearance, and now have a few things floating around the house if they are needed.  The teachers always seem to add a few extra things to what is needed so I bet there is still a little to buy.

The Princess is looking at some changes of her own, also.  She will start her second grade class with most of the kids she has been with since kindergarten (or so I've heard).  If so, it means I will see a lot of the faces again when I go to volunteer in her class.  I'm not exactly sure what is happening with her class yet and am still waiting to hear from her teacher.  That is understandable because she doesn't register until August 6th so there is almost a two week lag between the kindergarten and second grade registration.  She is also starting the gifted program, which I'm guessing is going to be extra work added for her also.  I haven't had any experience with it personally, but my niece was in it from second through sixth grade.  My biggest concern is that she will start thinking she is better than other kids while in the program.  We have worked very hard to to prevent that type of attitude in either of our children.

Today they have been trying on uniforms for school.  Boo is trying on the old clothes passed down from the Princess and the Princess is trying to determine what still fits from last year and what I will need to buy.

This is about half of what I have, ranging from size 4 to 7.  Turns out that Boo has bypassed right through the size 4 and is already in a size 5.  The Princess can no longer fit in any of the size 6 she has, and the 6x aren't going to last long.  She has a couple of size 7 so I will need to get her a bit more for sure.  I hope to save money at garage sales and the upcoming local consignment sale for kids clothes.  Last year I made $400 and only spent $130 on new (used) stuff for the girls.  I also scored some barely used pants last year for $2 a pair at a garage sale. A couple even still had tags on them.

I have already started some start of school surprises for the teachers.  I'm not going to share those just yet because it may ruin the surprise if they happen to come across the blog.

I also have one end of my dining room (which doesn't have a table and is used as my crafting area) packed with garage sale items.  I'm hoping to have everything ready for a garage sale in September, unless the weather cools off suddenly and I can do it in August.  I do understand that  I live in Mississippi and it rarely cools down that early around here.  I'd show you a picture, but I've been forbidden from posting a picture of "the junk pile."

I'm also trying to finish a project I want to post Friday.  it is taking me a little longer than I hoped because of all the other things going on.

Aside from all of this, I can feel my severe allergies (opposed to my normal allergies) starting up.  They are pretty bad twice a year, in mid spring and in late summer/early fall.  It starts with a headache that won't go away and ends with no voice, a nasty cough that won't go away and the ability to breath through my nose at all.  Last spring my doctor put me on a nasal spray and an inhaler during the worst of it and it cleared up fairly well.  That was the first spring I didn't feel feel horrible so I am looking forward to seeing how the spray and inhaler work this time.  I'm also glad that my allergies aren't so severe that I have to do that year round as well, just one pill every day is enough for the rest of the time.  It's days like these that make me want to curl up on the sofa and take a nap.  I can't even do that, it is already occupied by sleepers.

I'll tell you the rest on August 1st.

I know this post is much more personal than most of the ones I do.  I just wanted you guys to know I am still committed to the blog and hopefully won't be so late with the posts for long.

Tell me, what are you doing to get your kids ready for school?

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  1. Try a Neti pot for your allergies. It works wonders. Sorry about this late post but I just found your blog and am really enjoying reading your older posts.

    1. I don't have a Neti pot, but I do use a rinse sometimes. I always have to make sure i have distilled water around for it.


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