Monday, June 11, 2012

A book by its cover, Pirate Latitudes

Today I have a book by a more popular author, Michael Chrichton.

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Pirate Latitudes by Michael Crichton

I was really excited when I found out a new Michael Crichton book was out after he had passed away. I had read almost all of the books he has written, and while they aren't all great literary works, they are still usually good.  I was really looking forward to reading it.  Then, I opened the book and started.  My hopes of enjoyment soon faded.  This book is nothing like any of the other Crichton books I read.

The book is about pirates, and treasure, and mysteries and for me, boring.  Even after reading it, I have trouble remembering everything it was about.  I did a little more research into the book and found out that the book was written well before Crichton died and was not submitted for publication until nearly three years after his death.  All I can hope is that he never intended it to be published and that was why he held on to it.

Was it a bad book?  Not really.  I am sure that it will appeal to a lot of people, it just wasn't something meant for me.  It took me nearly a month to finish this book when I can usually put down a novel in less than a week.  Since reading this one, if I haven't finished a book is two weeks and I find other things to do instead of read, I don't bother finishing it.  Checking books out at the library means I don't have to worry about wasting my money, too.

The Snickety Things rating is

If you feel you need to read it, check this book out at your local library or follow the links below to find it on Amazon.  I'm going to go ahead and say that if you purchase a book by using one of these links I will make a little money off of it.  Jeff says I have to start paying for this blog somehow since I spend so much time working on it.  There, you've been warned, now go buy some books!  You really don't have to, but I'm not going to stop you.  After all I've warned you and I pasted the links in...

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  1. I was so excited when I saw a Michael Crichton book I hadn't read! Glad you warned me...I don't even have to put it on my list!

    1. I know that it may appeal to some, just not to me.


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