Monday, June 4, 2012

A book by its cover, Just My Type

I don't have any children's books for you today, but I do have a pretty good book for adults.  This time it is a non fiction book.

These reviews are completely my opinion and are not influenced in anyway by outside sources.  In regards to the children books reviewed, as a parent you are ultimately responsible for what your children read.  Please read what they read so you are informed on what they are learning.  I don't reveal plots, give spoilers or just summarize the books.  I don't enjoy reading books filled with cursing or sex so I tend to stay away from those.  This means I read very very few romance novels.  For the children's books I give the Princess' thumbs review and Boo's review (lets just say her reviews are interpretive and make more sense once you've read the book) in addition to my review rating.  My review scale can be found here or hover over the rating for a description.

Just My Type:  A Book About Fonts by Simon Garfield

I was returning books to the shelves at work when the cover of this book caught my eye.  It just screamed "check me out", so I did.  I'm obsessed with fonts and type.  I have about 1500 different fonts on my computer right now.  Do I need that many?  Yes I do.  Probably not, but I have them anyway.

This book gives much more than the history of different type faces and fonts.  It discusses the image fonts can give a company or person, how the fonts you choose say more than you think, why we know the names of fonts today when just a few years back they were unknown.  Did you know there is a movement to ban Comic Sans and why?  Or that IKEA caught a lot of flack when they recently changed the type they used?  That some fonts are supposed to be readable only  when printed very large and others only when very small?  Did you know that a type face can have a gender or can even help with elections?  Did you know that type and fonts are two different things? Did you know I have a new fascination with the ampersand?  I really do, just another form of my OCD showing itself.

I know this book may not be for everyone, but I found it very interesting.  It very informative without being "teachy".  This was the perfect book for a break from fiction.  If you make Subway art, or even like it, you should really check this one out.

The Snickety Things rating is

Check this book out at your local library or follow the links below to find it on Amazon.  I'm going to go ahead and say that if you purchase a book by using one of these links I will make a little money off of it.  Jeff says I have to start paying for this blog somehow since I spend so much time working on it.  There, you've been warned, now go buy some books!  You really don't have to, but I'm not going to stop you.  After all I've warned you and I pasted the links in...

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