Sunday, April 22, 2012

Disclosure policy

In keeping with Federal Trade Commission regulations, I am disclosing the following:

With the start of my book review series I have decided to put Amazon affiliate links on my site so you may purchase books if you are interested.  I may also put Amazon affiliate links in other posts on this blog.  I do receive a (small) percentage on purchases you buy through one of the links, including some items that you purchase at the same time that I had not linked.  Of course you are more than welcome to stop by my blog and click on an Amazon link before you start any of your Amazon shopping sprees.  It doesn't cost you any extra and it helps me keep my blog going.  You don't even have to buy the item you originally clicked on.  In fact, just use this Amazon link and buy whatever you want!

There may be other ads on this site that are paid or that I may receive compensation for when you make a purchase or click through.  I really want to keep my site as family friendly as possible so if you happen to click on an ad that leads to a place that is not family friendly, let me know.  I try to screen those out.

Any post that is a review of an item I received for free will be fully disclosed in the post.  Giving me something for free does not mean that I will review it or that I will give it a positive review.  I reserve the right to say whatever I want about your product.  Rest assured that my tendency will be to not post a negative review, I just won't make a post.  I may or may not keep items sent to me for free for review or use, but if I choose not to keep it, I will not sell it only donate.  I'm not opposed to getting a Silhouette Cameo though (hint hint).

This disclosure will also find a permanent home on this blog here.

Don't forget that the book reviews start tomorrow!

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