Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Adventures in cake, Elmo

Cake originally made for the Princess in May 2007.

A few months after my oldest daughter's first birthday (in May) we moved to a new state. Well, not really a new state, it was the state we grew up in.  Did I mention I was pregnant with our second at the time?  Well, after having the second baby in January, my husband decided that I could use a night to myself so he suggested I find something to do.  After the rubber duck cake, I decided that maybe I needed a little help with my cakes, so I choose the Wilton classes at our local Michael's.  I had fun, and learned a few things.  Mostly, I learned that I no longer should use canned icing to decorate a cake.

Not long after starting the classes, it was time to do the cake for my oldest daughter's second birthday.  She picked her own theme of Elmo.  All I could think was that Wilton had an Elmo pan so I was in luck!  The only problem, I did not like how the piped stars looked on those kinds of cakes.  Again, I started thinking big.  Or at least big for a woman who was about to have a two year old along with a four month old.  Let's face it.  I was still trying to use every bit of spare time I could find just to catch up on my sleep.

I did some searching and found Wilton had a grass tip (#233).  Icing grass looks a lot like monster fur, at least to me.  I opted to buy a tube of black icing since I didn't need much, and I discovered that the tube of black was a little less likely to bleed onto my white.

What do you think about my second cake?

I did not want to put a candle in the middle of Elmo's face, so I made another small six inch cake for the candles.  It was also my first attempt at doing a picture on a cake by myself.  I used the smallest star tip Wilton made to fill it in, but made them a little long to still give a furry appearance.

Here they are at the party.

I used crayon candles along with a number two since those are one of Elmo's favorite things.

If you have any questions, feel free to ask!

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  1. How cool! Nice job! I have a nephew who likes Elmo and would totally enjoy a cake like that. :)
    Found you via Mingle with Us blog hop. :)


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