Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Adventures in cake, Mickey Mouse Clubhouse

Cake originally made for Boo in Jan 2009.

My youngest fell in love with Mickey Mouse just a couple of months after she turned one.  I asked her what kind of party she wanted when she turned two and she immediately said Mickey Mouse Clubhouse.  I went to work scouring the internet for pictures of a cake that I would be able to make for her.  Most of the MMC cakes were of the Clubhouse itself, either drawn on a sheet cake or made in 3D.  While some were nice, they weren't really what I had envisioned.  

This is what I came up with.  

And the back.

This cake was really easy.  It is two six inch layers stacked on two eight inch layers.  If you notice it is leaning a bit.  Yeah, I didn't put any supports in it.  Looking back I am probably lucky it didn't fall over.

I iced the entire cake in a light blue to mimic sky.  I then started on making the Clubhouse and Toodles.

I piped the red icing (red icing from a Wilton tube since I didn't need much) first, to form the "body" of the house using a #7 Wilton tip.  I made sure it came off the cake for a 3D effect.  Next, I used a #5 Wilton tip to and the head in black (also from a tube).  I used the same #5 tip to draw the leg.  I made a small amount of yellow icing and piped the shoe using a #3 Wilton tip.  The windows are just dabs of white from and #3 Wilton tip and the black lines were drawn on the windows and the shoe with a #1 Wilton tip.  The slide was made with a #79 Wilton tip to make it look a bit like an actual slide.  I was a bit wobbly though.

I used the #5 tip to make the arm for the balloon glove and the #3 tip for the white glove.  The glove stripes were added with the #1 tip.  There is also a better shot of the slide.

This shot gives you an idea of how far the "body" comes out from the cake.

Here is Toodles.  I don't think you can have a Mickey Mouse Clubhouse cake with Toodles somewhere.  I used the #7 Wilton tip to make the back of Toodles, then used the same blue as the sky to make his screen. The yellow accents were added with a #3 Wilton tip, and those small red dots were made using a #1 Wilton tip.  I mixed my yellow and red with a bit of white to get the lighter colored dots for the screen.  They were pipped with a #3 tip then pressed flat with my finger.  I also didn't realize how big of a fan my daughter really was of this show until she pointed out that my Toodles was backwards.  She was right, this is a mirror image of how he actually looks.

The bottom border is just made with the Wilton #233 tip to look like grass.  To fill in the rest of the cake I simply added clouds made with the #7 Wilton tip.

Any question feel free to ask!

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Sunday, February 26, 2012

Linky Followers

I have added a Linky followers widget to the blog.  Feel free to follow using Linky.  I am not sure how much longer I will keep Google friend connect active on the blog.  I am having a lot of fun with this blog and I am learning a lot of things about the blogging world.  Thank you for your patience as I learn.

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Oh, and it you do start following me, let me know so I can return the favor!

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Adventures in cake, Princesses

Cake originally made for the Princess in May 2008.

My oldest daughter was turning three and she was obsessed with the Disney Princesses.  I decided to make her a cake fit for a princess.  This was my first attempt in making a taller stacked cake.

I started with baking and icing a three layers at 10 inches, 8 inches and 6 inches. I iced the entire cake in basic white, or the white that I got without adding anything to my buttercream recipe.  I applied cornelli lace to the bottom layer, flowers on the middle and just a bit of string work and flower accents on the top.  Here is a shot of the cake as I had it finished the night before the party.

Although I knew you were supposed to support taller cakes from within, I took a chance on this one and didn't do anything to it.

Here it is with the three Princesses she chose for the top of the cake.  I just went with the small toys from Walmart and was also able to count those as part of her presents.  I was not big on putting toys directly on a cake even after I washed them so these have a very this piece of  plastic wrap between them and the cake.

My daughter was thrilled with how it turned out and she told me she felt like a princess.  

Here it is set out for the party.

And here is a close shot with the candles.

If you have any questions on how I did anything, just ask!

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Monday, February 20, 2012

Creative wrapping, Using the Force

I recently made some party favors for my daughter that my niece just fell in love with.  They were just simple Hershey Kisses with stickers on the bottom.  These are featured on my daughters rainbow birthday party on my family blog.

I thought it would be fun to make some for her as her birthday was coming up.  She loves Star Wars so I decided to do her stickers in a Star Wars theme.  I printed them up, punched them out, and put them on the bottom of two pounds of Kisses (I made enough she could share with friends if she wanted).  Here are what a few of them looked like.

I also had a few that had her name on them, her age (she turned 12), crossed light sabers, happy birthday, and the words "In a galaxy far far away" in a Star Wars font.

After I had all of these little pieces of candy, I had to figure out how I was going to give them to her.  I eyed that empty cardboard tube in the corner.  You know, the one left over from Christmas wrapping that somehow got overlooked when the trash went out.  Really, I was just saving it for some emergency.  Yeah, I'll stick with that.

I cut out a square of paper and taped it over the end of the tube and started letting the Kisses slide down the side of the tube.  Remarkably, two pounds of Kisses filled the tube perfectly.  I taped paper down on the other side of the tube to keep it all together.

Now, a way to wrap the tube.  I wanted to do something special.  Something with style.  It was long and round like a...... light saber.  Yes!  A light saber.  I could see it in my head.  I quickly scrounged the lime green tissue paper complete with bits of glitter along with a sheet of light gray card stock (tissue paper seen above).

I began wrapping the tissue paper around the tube securing it with tape.  I completely covered the tube.

Now, for the handle.  I wrapped the card stock around the bottom using the entire length of the piece.  It looked a bit plain at this stage.

I turned to my husband who was intrigued with my creation of a light saber and began to ask "Do you know where you light...." That was all I got out before he came running back into the room wielding his light saber like a 12 year old.  (I married a nerd, but I knew that going in to the relationship.)

I used the handle of his light saber to draw lines around the card stock with a sharpie.  I didn't need perfection, just the illusion.  I think it worked.

Here is the hubby demonstrating the final wrapped piece.  I think he was more excited on how it turned out than I was.

How did my niece like it?  Here is a shot just before she opened it.

She was excited about opening it, but didn't want to mess up the paper.  Note her shirt, it has the Millennium Falcon on it.  Told you she really likes Star Wars.

Happy birthday to the best niece ever!

My husband insists that I admit I am just as nerdy as he is.

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Anything Goes (direct link to feature)

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Adventures in cake, teddy bears

Cake originally made for Boo in Jan 2008.

My baby was turning one.  With one first birthday under my belt I felt a little more comfortable doing this party.  I also had learned quite a bit about decorating a cake by this point.  I only needed inspiration.  I found it at a local party supply store in town.  It was this "I'm One" set that was also posted on Oriental Trading (I think, I could no longer find the picture on their website).  My local store had the "I'm One" napkins and the "I'm 1" plates so that was what I went with.

I latched on to the teddy bear in the picture and made it the center of the party.  Lucky for me, Wilton has a 3D bear pan, as well as a smaller version of the same pan.  Since it was a bear, and bears are usually brown, I decided on chocolate cake and chocolate buttercream icing.

As with the Elmo cake, I thought my bears need to look furry, not like the usual stars.  I chose the grass tip (Wilton #233) to make the fur.  First, I covered the cake in a thin layer of the icing.  I went ahead and did the black for the eyes and nose.  To do this, I just tinted a little of the chocolate black.  I also made sure the inside of the ears looked good since I wasn't covering it with fur.  I then went to work covering the bear.

For the smaller smash cake, I decided I wanted the bear to be sitting in an "O" like he was on the napkin.  I made a six inch round cake and carefully iced it to look like the "O" in the picture, complete with the little dots.  I then placed a small dab of icing to hold the undecorated mini bear to the "O".  At this point I proceeded to decorate the small bear the same as the larger bear.  I did it this way out of fear of destroying all my fur work when I transferred it to the small cake.

I finished both off with an icing bow.  I know the pictured bear had a party hat, but this was much easier for me at this stage.

Here is a shot of the bears at the party.

Here are some better shots of the cakes.

I wish I could have found the candle that came with the set for the cake (it looked like the "1" on the plates), but I had to settle with one I found at Walmart.  It still looked cute.  Here is a shot just before we lit the candle.

If you have any questions, just ask!

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Tuesday, February 14, 2012

I really lick you

No, the title is not a typo.  It is a bit of an intro into the Valentine's cards.

You may have seen them on Pinterest.  You know, those adorable little cards where the child is holding out their hand in a photo to hand you a lollipop.  I really liked those.

The first one I saw was this one.

I did a little looking and found the earliest example (someone let me know if I am wrong) here.  

The day I tried to get my girls out to have their picture taken the weather was a bit uncooperative.  It was overcast and blah.  I snapped some shots anyway and hoped for the best.  After adding words in Photoshop I did a couple of test prints until they looked right.  I ordered them through Walmart and had them shipped to the house.

I thought all of that would be the difficult part.  It wasn't.  You know nice inexpensive heart shaped suckers, well they are a bit harder to find around here than I thought.  Even at Valentine's.  They used to be everywhere, hanging in long strips from the sides of the store shelving.  I guess everyone has the same idea because they were nowhere to be found.  Since I was on a budget, I didn't want to pay 50 cents a sucker.  Finally I found some at Target for less than $2 a bag for 24.  Thank you Target!

Here is how they turned out.

My oldest at six years.

The little one at five years.

They were passed out to family earlier, and are being given out at school at the Valentine's parties today.  Both girls were very excited to have a personal Valentine to give their friends.

Happy Valentine's Day!

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Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Adventures in Cake: Cornelli Lace

Once people found out that I was making cakes, I started getting a lot of requests.  I found that my favorite decorating technique was Cornelli Lace.  Cornelli lace is more or less just making squiggly lines that don't touch or cross over each other.  I bet you didn't know squiggly was a technical term did you?  Now you do.

Here are a few of the Cornelli Lace cakes I've done.

First was a cake I made just for the fun of it.  I wanted to practice my technique.

I was asked to bring a dessert to a potluck style dinner so of course I decided on a cake.  Again, I practiced my lace patterns but decided on flowers as a topper.

My neighbor asked me if I could make her a birthday cake.  Her only requests were that it use the color violet and use fondant.  I took it one step farther and put actual violets on the cake with the lace.

I had been practicing making these violets in royal icing for a cake I was going to do later in the month and I had plenty.  She loved it and I was just thrilled that my first fondant cake wasn't a disaster.

Those violets were for this cake.

This was for an Alpha Delta Pi bid day party.  I tried to incorporate the color of the sorority (azure), their flower (violets) and their symbol (diamond).  This was also when I first learned how heavy a big cake can be.

A friend saw this photo and wanted to get a cake for her mother's 80th birthday.  I decided on combining the flowers and lace again.

The 80 is made from Wilton's candy melts and brushed with some luster dust to make it really shine.  They are attached to candy sticks.  Although the birthday girl really loved it, I was a little disappointed that I could not get the top cake centered.  I work a little harder on making sure everything is centered now.

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